Children’s Day 2021 posters

We are very sorry but our Children's Day 2021 printed posters are no longer available! 

Please download a poster from the links below, and print it out to help you celebrate Children's Day!

Updated 23 July 2021

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Our 2021 poster image was captured by Wayne Quilliam.

These materials are only for the use of promoting National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day.

Children's Day 2021 poster

Children’s Day 2021 posters          

Download the Children's Day 2021 poster for your celebrations!

A1 POSTER (high res)

A1 POSTER (low res)

A3 POSTER (high res)

A4 POSTER (high res)


Children’s Day 2021 celebration poster – for your own events

Organising your own event or celebration? Simply add details to the bottom of this poster, with your own logo.



Poster orders

We are sorry but we do not have anymore Children's Day posters to send to you.

But please download one of the posters above and print it for your own use. 

Please note: if you have ordered a Children's Day 2021 bag, you will automatically be sent a Children's Day poster.