Zig and Zag LDC


Aboriginal Children's Day is a special occasion aimed at celebrating the culture and heritage of Indigenous children in the community. The event will be a blend of traditional indigenous practices and modern activities designed to foster a sense of pride and belonging among the young participants. The activities have been carefully curated by educators and an Indigenous liaison officer to ensure cultural significance and meaningful engagement.

The day will begin with yarning circles, which are traditional Indigenous gatherings where participants sit together to share stories, knowledge, and experiences. Yarning circles provide a safe and respectful space for meaningful conversations and cultural exchange, helping the children connect with their heritage and each other.

Following the yarning circles, various events and activities will be conducted throughout the day:


Damper Making

Face Painting by our Indigenous liaison officer

Berry Tasting

The day will be a vibrant and joyful celebration, creating lasting memories and nurturing a sense of belonging and appreciation for their Indigenous heritage. Through these activities, the children will gain a deeper understanding of their culture, history, and the importance of preserving their traditions for future generations. Moreover, the event will promote cultural diversity and respect among all participants, fostering a stronger sense of community and unity.