Mura Kosker Sorortiy Inc


Celebrating National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Childrens Day 2022 in the Torres Strait.

Mura Kosker Sorority Inc planned the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day activity on 6 Communities within the Torres Strait region. Thursday Island captured children from Horn Island, Hammond Island, Prince of Wales Island in an activity. Some of these children attend school on Thursday Island. Those that attended from Horn Island needed a special trip for the transition of children by boat between Thursday Island and Horn Island. Other communities participating included Kirriri, Kubin, Iama, Masig and Poruma where Mura Kosker Sorority's Mura Buai Wellbeing Service Outreach Workers planned with their Community and Stakeholders to host their event. Our children were connected with community, engaged in activities and participated in a safe place where families could enjoy a space of creativity, exploration, learning and supervised play.