Lady Gowrie Headstart Kindergarten – Vincent


The Vincent Kindy will be celebrating at the centre on Tuesday 3rd Aug (Gungu Group) and Wednesday 4th August (Goolinbulla Group).

To celebrate the theme “Proud in Culture. Strong in Spirit” the children engaged in a number of Aboriginal and and Torres Strait Islander activities that encourage children to explore and show pride in their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity. Experiences included :

– Painting Aboriginal symbols and design on clapsticks to take home
– Learning Torres Strait Islander songs and dance with Aunty Serdonia Lui and Aka Elsie Kelemete playing on the Lumut (Drum)
– Making “Domboys” (Island Dumplings) with Aka Elsie
– Painting Aboriginal symbols and designs on SNAICC wooden hands
– Making spikey Echidnas from the story “The Echidna and the shade tree”
– Reading and performing Aboriginal dance moves to the SNAICC story “Can you dance?” Read by Elder Aka Lynn Devow.
– Watched Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Role models at the Olympics
– Children were invited to wear their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design shirts or outfits to Kindy.

A great day to celebrate being “Proud in Culture and Strong in Spirit” at Kindy