Koori Curriculum


Do you know a deadly Educator?

In celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day, we are asking our community to nominate an Educator who supports our children to be "Proud in culture, strong in spirit".

Nominations must include a picture of the Educator and a blurb as to why they are being nominated.

Entries will open on the 26th of July and Educators will have to submit their entry by no later than the 6th of August 2021. This must include a photograph of their nominated Educator along with a blog describing why they are nominating that Educator.

Voting will close on the 13th of August 2021.

The 10 entries with the highest number of votes will be shortlisted and reviewed by the Director of the Koori Curriculum, Jessica Staines who will select the winner.

The chosen winner will be announced on the 16th of August 2021.

All submissions will be displayed in a virtual gallery.

The winner will receive a $500 store voucher to the Koori Curriculum.

Please note that submissions must be on behalf of an Educator, self submissions will not be accepted.

Check out the competition page for full details