Girudala Community Cooperative Society Ltd.


A Playgroup Meet and Greet provided to the Whitsunday and surrounds Region.
The two local community Playgroups linking together to create a Meet and Greet for Parents, Kin and foster carers, caring for or providing out of home care support for indigenous children within the Whitsunday Region.

The event is aimed at opening up conversations and identifying other community members either carers or parents who care for indigenous children, so that they can create support networks that may not have been available before.
At time non-indigenous carers are providing out-of-home care to children 0-18yrs, these non-indigenous carers may think that they may not be able to link in or receive supports from Girudala.
This Meet and Greet will also open those communication lines to Girudala and the Bowen Neighbourhood centre.