In 2019, more than 600 communities across the country held events to celebrate Children’s Day on and around 4 August.

Our theme for Children’s Day 2019 was:

We Play, We Learn, We Belong
We play on our land.
We learn from our ancestors.
We belong with our communities.

In 2019, we celebrated the early years, promoting the importance of early years education and care for our little ones. We recognise the critical role that family, community, Country and culture play in their development. And we will continue to fight for better access to culturally appropriate early childhood education for our children through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

SNAICC delivered 15,000 Children’s Day bags to places far and wide. As well as regional towns and major cities, we shipped bags by boat to Palm Island off the coast of Queensland, to the remote areas of the Kimberley and Newman in WA, Arnhem Land, Katherine and the Northern Territory. We also distributed 2000 posters to communities across Australia.



Our 2019 Children’s Day ambassador Nanna, from the animated children’s series Little J & Big Cuz, promoted this year’s theme We Play, We Learn, We Belong, recognising the vital role that learning in the early years plays in the development and futures of our children. Watch Nanna’s special message for all Australians.

SNAICC would like to acknowledge the contribution of Ningali Lawford-Wolf for celebrating our culture and inspiring our children. Ningali was the voice of Nanna in Little J & Big Cuz – and we were proud to have her as our Ambassador for National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day 2019.


SNAICC partnered with Scienceworks in Victoria to host our launch event at their Little Kids’ Day In. The event celebrates First Nations peoples with families and early years centres visiting the event from far and wide. SNAICC Chair Muriel Bamblett gave a heartwarming welcome to children from communities across the state to enjoy a day of entertainment, face painting, boomerang etching, ochre painting and more.

"Every parent and grandparent – and uncle and auntie and carer – will tell you that the children in their lives are their absolute priority. That’s something we all share. Children’s Day is a perfect time for us to centre ourselves and celebrate what’s really important.”

- Muriel Bamblett, SNAICC Chair

SNAICC Muriel Bamblett with Indigenous Hip Hop crew at National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day event, Scienceworks, Victoria

Schools, kindergartens and community groups were encouraged to run events to celebrate Children’s Day, and 600 events were held this year across Australia.

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