Our Children’s Day 2022 bag includes:
  • Drawstring backsack
  • Children's Day 2022 activity sheets
  • Crayons
  • Feelings cards poster
  • Tudei en longtaim book, donated by ILF
  • Little J and Big Cuz sticker
  • Animal cut outs - to colour-in
  • Temporary tattoo

Make sure to share your drawings and  activity sheets with us on @SNAICC Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on 4 August – or send in a video for us to share to media@snaicc.org.au 

Included in the Children's Day bags is this fabulous book:
Tudei en longtaim by Stella Raymond


Tudei en longtaim by Stella Raymond, written in English and Kriol, Stella’s home language. Move back and forth in time with Tudei en longtaim in between how life is lived now in Aboriginal communities to how it was lived in the olden days.


Children's Day 2022 posters

We have produced a new poster for Children's Day 2022. There is a limit of 5 posters per organisation. 


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